Dive in Tuamotu

    Tairapa Pass Manihi, French Polynesia

    Great "drift dive" through the in-coming current with Tuna, Barracudas, grey sharks, blacktip sharks, jacks, napol├łon wrasse, trigger fish, morey eels, groupers and of course manta and eagle rays.

    The Break Manihi, French Polynesia

    This is a large break in the reef where sometime dive center plan some shark feeding that attracts reef sharks (black-tip, white-tip, grey).

    The Circus Manihi, French Polynesia

    This is the place to meet Mantas. They used to swin within 10m of water all year long! This is also a good dive to meet napoleon wrass, black-tip sharks, and eagle rays.

    The Drop Off Manihi, French Polynesia

    Incredible wall running down to 1500 m !!!Many different marine species including barracudas, grey sharks, blacktip and whitetip sharks, napoleon wrasse, trigger fish and large school tang surgeon fish and snappers...

    West Point Manihi, French Polynesia

    The visibility is incredible (> 50m !!!). Marine life is great including sea turtles, grey sharks and blacktip sharks, barracudas and groupers, jacks and trigger fish...

    Mamaa Tikehau, French Polynesia

    A very nice aquarium with an amphitheatre shape. Reef marine life plus black-tip sharks, moray eels and Napoleon wrasse when the dive center organize somme feeding.

    Te Ava Drift Tikehau, French Polynesia


    The Shark Hole Tikehau, French Polynesia

    Vertical break in the reef (between 20 and 50m deep) with many holes and crevices where sharks stays. This is the place to see a lot of grey reef sharks gathered together :)