Dive in Marseille

    Cap Caveaux Marseille, France

    Cape of MaÔre Marseille, France

    If too much wind, this dive site can be a solution...

    Junker 88 II Marseille, France

    L'ImpÈrial de terre Marseille, France

    L'ImpÈrial du large Marseille, France

    This is one of the most beautifull dive of Marseille. The wall is incredible, full of gorgonians.

    L'ImpÈrial du milieu Marseille, France

    La calanque du Pouar Marseille, France

    Two dives in the creak:- South East side (0 - 15m)- North West side (6 - 35m)

    La calanques des… Marseille, France

    La CathÈdrale Marseille, France

    La DrÙme Marseille, France

    The DrÙme was a vessel carying many kind of things. It sunk on a mine, january 23, 1918. It is broken into two parts.Vessel size:- Length: 69m- Width: 10m

    La grotte arc en ciel Marseille, France

    Very nice dive, for all level divers.

    La grotte MystÈrieuse Marseille, France

    Very nice cave.

    La grotte ‡ Perez Marseille, France

    Very nice dive. The cave is just below the platform.Recommended to dive twice (cave + wall) this area.

    La pierre de BrianÁon Marseille, France

    La pierre de Cassis Marseille, France

    Great dive

    La pierre qui tramolle Marseille, France

    La pierre ‡ Joseph Marseille, France

    La pierre ‡ Maya Marseille, France

    Very nice dive. The shoal named Maya's rock is made of two parts, with wonderfull gorgonians. The wall is also great.Large groupers, and sometime moon-fishes... Don't miss it!

    La pointe de Caramasagne Marseille, France

    Le Cap Plane Marseille, France

    Nice arches.

    Le Chaouen Marseille, France

    The Chaouen was a Morroco cargo carying citrus fruits. Due to a human fault, the Chaouen sunk fubruary 22, 1971 at 2:30 pm.Vessel size:- Length: 90 m- Width: 13 m

    Le couloir des gorgones Marseille, France

    Splendid gorgonian wall, but deep dive ! Take care.

    Le Dalton Marseille, France

    The wreck: Le Dalton is an English cargo. It was built in Stockolm in 1877. Le Dalton was carying lead ingots when it sunk february 19, 1928.Vessel size:- Length: 70m- Width: 20m

    Le Junker 88 Marseille, France

    German bomber wreck. Very nice cos not broken.Size: 14x20mNote: There is another Junker 88 in Marseille, 15m deep.

    Le Ker Bihan Marseille, France

    Ker-Bihan is not as nice as the two other wrecks in the area: The Dr?me and the Miquelon.It was an old fish boat, transformed into minehunter. It sunk on a mine january 23, 1918, only few days after the Dr?me.Vessel size:- Length: 35- Width: 10m

    Le Lagoubran Marseille, France

    Deep wreck, take care to the nets !The Lagoubran was sunk by a mine, march 6, 1919. It is a 28m paddle wheels vessel.

    Le LatÈcotËre 298 Marseille, France

    The LatÈcotËre 298 is a seaplane, only 5 or 6m long, completely broken. Only the two wings (15m long) are fine. Sunk probably in 1941 or 1942.

    Le Liban Marseille, France

    The Liban was a steamer from the Fraissinet company. It sunk june 7, 1903 (hooked on by the Insulaire boat). 90 people died.The liban is broken into many parts, covering a large area of 100m by 20m.Vessel size- Length: 91m- Width: 9mAfter visiting the wreck, go east to the archs for safety stops.

    Le Messerschmitt 109 Marseille, France

    The Messerschmitt 109 sunk in 1944. This plane wreck is upside down, laying on a sandy floor at 45m deep.Plane sizes:- Long: 9 m- Width: 10 m

    Le Miquelon Marseille, France

    The Miquelon is a cargo, it sunk october 5, 1917.Vessel size:- Length: 49m- Widt: 7.5mBottom is made of mud, visibility is often reduced.

    Le Natal Marseille, France

    "Le Natal" was a liner (130m long) that sunk on 30 aug 1917 due to a collision into another liner "Le Malgache". At that very moment she was sailing under the cover of darkness (and without any light) to avoid been targeted by German U-Boots.This is an EXTREME Trimix dive, far away from the shore,…

    Le ponton-grue Marseille, France

    This is a brge with cabin and caterpilar and no engine. The wreck is upside down.

    Le Saint Dominique Marseille, France

    The Saint Dominique sunk june 16, 1897. It's a very nice wreck.Vessel size:- Length: 70m- Width: 10m

    Le sec du Jarron Marseille, France

    Le tunnel et les failles Marseille, France

    Great dive. Tunnel entrence is 9m deep.Take care of the swell...

    Les farillons Marseille, France

    This is a great dive. Beautifull archs and wonderfull walls full of gorgonians. Usually fish shoals around arches.

    Les Fromages Marseille, France

    Les moyades Marseille, France

    Very nic wall on the south part of the shoal.

    Les moyadons Marseille, France

    Take care of the curent. My be strong, even with a calm sea.

    Les pierres tombÈes Marseille, France

    MaÔre's coral cave Marseille, France

    Don't miss this dive. A must.

    Novi Wreck Marseille, France

    A small sailboat sunk near Marseille harbour. Nice afternoon dive for Nitrox divers.

    Riou's coral cave Marseille, France

    Very nice cave (entrence at 35m deep).Wall down to 45m deep.

    The Batavia Wreck Marseille, France

    This 109m long Italian liner sunk November 23, 1877. Its a very broken wreck.

    Tiboulen du Frioul Marseille, France

    Veyron's caves Marseille, France

    Take care of the curent. It may be strong in the area.Dive site contains many caves, some are large enough to be visited.