Dive in Hyeres

    Dalles de Bagaud Hyeres, France

    Escampobariou Hyeres, France

    Nice little cave and wall. No way to dive there if strong east wind.

    EspÈron des salins Hyeres, France

    GabiniËre - East wall Hyeres, France

    This is a great wall full of gorgonians. You will probably see barracuda shoals, and a lot of huge groupers.

    La piscine des MËdes Hyeres, France

    La Puissante Hyeres, France

    Sunk date: Near July, 1964 (it was a target for a submarine).Wreck size:- Length: 45,5 m- Width: 8,5 m

    La Tantine Hyeres, France

    Flat vessel with a lot of conger eels.Vessel size:- length: 20m- width: 6m- height: 3m (caterpillar)

    Le cimentier Hyeres, France

    This is a funny wreck, in shallow water. The first wreck dive for newbees !
    Le Donator

    Le Donator Hyeres, France

    The Donator is one of the most famous wreck of the French riviera. This is a 78 m long Cargo that sunk november 10th, 1945.Maximum depth is around 51 m, at the drag. Most of the dive is located around 40 m deep. You need two or three dives to really get all the best of the Donator.The Donator is…

    Le Ferrando Hyeres, France


    Le Grec Hyeres, France

    This Panamean cargo is 53 m long. Built in 1912, the Sagona sunk december 3, 1945. One year and half after the world war 2 mines in this area were still dangerous.The wreck is in two parts. The better place is the poop.

    Le Marcel Hyeres, France

    Flat broken wreck, only congers are interesting...

    Le Michel C Hyeres, France

    This wreck is only 100m far from the Ville de Grasse. This is a small broken wreck (39m long). Only one dive is enough to see the whole wreck. Best part is the prow, 39m deep. Poop is all broken, only engines are still recognizible.

    Le Ville de Grasse Hyeres, France

    Vapor boat with interesting paddle wheels, the only interesting part of the wreck...

    Les MËdes Hyeres, France

    It's a common dive spot for beginers and photographers. A common dive spot when the mistral wind blows (from the West).

    Piste de ski Hyeres, France

    Pointe de la croix Hyeres, France

    This dive site is similar to the near dive site named Pointe de Montr?mian, a long line of rocks, only few meters high, with lot of sea grass around.Dive site is exposed to east wind, and some time, current can be strong. A buoy has been placed for boat by the National Park.Interesting species are…

    Pointe de la galËre Hyeres, France

    This is a great place to dive. Bottom of both sides of the rock are different. East side bottom is sand, and west side bottom is covered by sea grass.It's a good idea to get a torch because there are lot of fishes and tiny crustaceans inside the rock.

    Pointe de MontrÈmian Hyeres, France

    Pointe du vaisseau Hyeres, France

    This is a similar dive to the East wall of the GabiniËre, but less current. Boat can be moored to the National Park buoy.Species: Groupers, morrays, scorpionfishes, etc.

    Port Du Niel Hyeres, France

    Sec du gendarme Hyeres, France

    Sec du Langoustier Hyeres, France

    Boulders and wall.

    Sec du sarragnier Hyeres, France

    Beautiful wall of gorgonians and small caves with morays.