Dive in Corsica

    Alistro Corsica, France

    Italian freighter lies at 36m. stands upright, very well preserved

    B17 wreck Corsica, France

    The B17 American Bomber was used during WWII (1941+). It was also named the "Flying Fortress", cos of it's 13 machine guns!In 1944, the B17 G "Baron" was in mission in Italy. Unfortunately, german fighters hit the Baron. Without any radio, the pilot Frank Chaplick, decide to fly to Calvi (Corsica,…

    Canadair Wreck Corsica, France

    Sunk 3 septembre 1971 when trying to tank water for a drop on a forest fire. The 2 pilots survived.The Wreck is in a good shape; engines are missing. Wreck penetration is possible.Accident report: August 3 1971 : Canadair CL 215 F-ZBBG n?1025 W/O (P?lican 25), Sagone Gulf, Corsica, France. Victims:…

    Capo Rosso Corsica, France

    Iles Sanguinaires Corsica, France

    Le Grand Tombant Corsica, France

    Very nice wall, It 's a kind of hill which ends with a Wall (At the top 17m At the end about 40m)Their is interesting big fischs in the deep butVery nice wall, It?s a kind of hill which ends with a Wall (At the top 17m At the end about 40m)Their is interesting big fiches in the deep but already the…

    Le Naseau Corsica, France

    Big and interesting fishes in the deep.Take care the spot is at the entrance of the Ile-Rousse harbour.You may have current.

    Les aiguilles Corsica, France

    The top of the shoal is only 6m, so you can see it from the surface. Les aiguilles is a set of three main shoals, linking together as a Cathedral. Abundant sea life, and great walls full of gorgonians.

    MÈrouville Corsica, France

    Big schools of barracudas !!! Groupers which are very tame and come really close.

    P-47 Thunderbolt Corsica, France

    A wonderfull Wreck very.The engine is missing and the machin guns are missing.The name of the pilot is still unknow.Great

    Pte de la Revellata Corsica, France

    Scandola Corsica, France

    Senino Corsica, France

    Taravo island Corsica, France

    This is a great place for children dive and first dive experience. Calm and clear water, abundant sea life. Also good for snorkeling and night dives.

    Tete de Maure Corsica, France

    Big granitic cliff, canyon, gorgona...many fish.

    Vickers Viking Wreck Corsica, France

    Well conserved wreck all the structures are intact