Dive in Arcachon bay

    Grand Piquey Arcachon bay, France

    This is a great dive site for sea horses observation. The sea grass field is only 4/6m deep. So take care of boats, mainly during summer season...

    Hortense Arcachon bay, France

    Hortense was closed for 2 or 3 years, the site has been re-opened in 2005, and then re-closed! This was a classic dive site of Arcachon bay, where many diving clubs meet for the week-end.

    La Roche-Velaine Arcachon bay, France


    La Villa Algerienne Arcachon bay, France

    The site is located between the coast and the oyster's parks. There are several sea grass fields with some sea hosrses.

    Le Bateau en Ciment Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck probably sunk at the end of 1940. It is a 50m long wreck broken into 3 parts. Mostly covered by sand now.

    Le Chariot Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck is a barge that was used to build a pipe from the coast (the warf). It sunk with the crane, so you can see caterpillars and a lot of pipes. There are a lot of conger eels and fish shoals.

    Le Cote Bleu Arcachon bay, France

    Very common destination for local divers. The exact name of this wreck is "Cote bleu" and not "Cotre Bleu" as it is often named.This fisherman boat was sunk june 22nd, 1976. It a classic dive of Arcachon bay.

    Le Jean-Pierre Arcachon bay, France

    The Jean-Pierre wreck is an old trawler, sunk in 1969. It is linked by a chain to two other wrecks, the RenÈ-HervÈ and the Perle.

    Le Mimbeau Arcachon bay, France

    There are a lot of fishes and tiny species to see here. The main problem is the current. If you miss the tide, you will probably enjoy the drift dive... except if you have to go back to the boat !

    Le Point Zero Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck was found by mistake by Charles and Laurent during a night dive from Saint Yves.

    Les blockhaus Arcachon bay, France

    Most dived are 3 big blockhaus from World War 2 named the net, the conger and the passage (distance from one to another is between 30 to 50m). They slept from the beach into the chennal.Take care if you enter into some of them ! There are som big conger eels and some time european lobsters.

    Les deux digues Arcachon bay, France

    This is a quiet place to dive. The two dams limit the curent and you can observe at high tide fishes entering into the bay.Maximum depth was previously 14m. Channel sweep operation has put a lot of sand in the area, so now, there are only few meters depth at low tide... We need to wait the bay to…

    Saint Yves Arcachon bay, France

    Saint Yves is the main dive site for all diving clubs of Bordeaux. This is a great place for dive training and orientation. You can reach several wrecks, the easyest is named 'Cote bleu'.With a dive site map, and a good orientation sense, you can try to reach other wrecks... The Marie Noelle (N),…

    The Christian Yann wreck Arcachon bay, France

    The Georges AndrÈ wreck Arcachon bay, France

    The Golf 56 wreck Arcachon bay, France

    The Mami Madi wreck Arcachon bay, France

    Approx 15m long wreck. Bad condition.

    The Marie-NoÎlle wreck Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck is located 150m north from the Saint Yves entrance. It is possible to reach the wreck from shore: Approx 15m following the rocks, then north-west when you are into the channel.

    The Perle wreck Arcachon bay, France

    Approx 15m long. Bad condition.

    The RenÈ HervÈ wreck Arcachon bay, France

    15m long wreck in bad condition