Dive in Strait of Tyran

    Jackson Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Superb wall diving around its entire perimeter. The locally named "Aquarium" is Tiran's most popular. 'Jackson Drift' is Sharm's' fastest and most exhilarating drift dive past a stunning wall bursting with prolific coral growth. In August, September and early October, divers dive off the back of…

    Gordon Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Gordon Reef is known and easily identified by the wreck of the Panamanian cargo ship Loullia (3461 tonnes) which ran aground in September 1981. Best done as a drift dive you have the opportunity to observe various species of coral, small nudibranches hidden in the crevices and the soft corals, White…

    Laguna Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    The western side of Tiran Island itself is divided into two parts which scuba divers generally refer to as North and South Laguna. Both marked by beacons these are beautiful drift dives which can be done only when the weather conditions are exceptionally good. The area is strongly influenced by…

    Thomas Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Tiran's smallest reef with plunging walls covered with soft coral, gorgonians and colourful fish life. The west wall is darker with overhangs and caves full of glassfish and sweepers. Residents include a school of large barracuda, and in summer months, some of the largest tuna we have ever seen

    Woodhouse Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Located between Thomas reef and Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef is narrow and long and thus offers no shelter at all to boats. This dive is done only as a drift dive. The most interesting part of the reef is the northern half of the eastern side, with a canyon that opens at a depth of about 30m. To one…

    Zingara Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Diving in Zingara is GoodYou can find Interesting. Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)The average depth is 25.0 m / 82 ft although the maximum depth you can reach is 35.0 m / 114.8 ftTo reach Zingara you have to do it By boatThis dive site is best suited for CMAS ** / AOW divers.Zingara ran…

    Wreck of the Kormoran Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    On the north of Tiran Island, this can only be dived in extremely good sea conditions but is an absolute gem. The twisted wreckage of this large container ship is in only 6 - 8 metres of water and surrounded by prolific hard coral.