Dive in Jardines Del Rey

    Eagle Ray

    La Jaula Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Lovely site with large gorgonians, various different types of sponges, snappers, groupers, stingrays and eagle rays and maybe a reef or nurse shark if you're lucky!
    Queen Angelfish

    Las Coloradas Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Explore small caves, tunnels, crevices with large sea fans and gorgonians decorating the area.Schools of tarpon cruise around, along with parrotfish, queen angelfish and many coral fish species.
    School of Grunts

    Casasa Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Coral bottom with sandy inlets.Look for great barracuda, turtles, rays, and big schools of grunts, schoolmasters and other tropical fish.
    Reef Shark

    Los Tiburones Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Large rocks with coral making small passageways for reef sharks to hide in.Large groupers, snapper, barjacks, horse-eye jacks and other coral fish make their home here.