Dive in Isla De La Juventud

    Pecios Cayo los Indios Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Dive in a wreck sunk by the Cuban Army for training.
    Queen Parrotfish

    Pared de Coral Negro Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Lots of black coral at 30m. Brightly colored tubes and basket sponges also amazing coral formations such as elkhorn, staghorn and brain coral areall over wall. Many fish like tarpon, snappers, hamlets and queen parrotfish, yellowtail and gray angelfish. Search for moray eels in the wall

    Cueva Azul Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Descend to 40m and you'll find a hole in a rock about 3m in diameter covered with silver glassfish. Look for the big tarpons. From the hole you swim to the outer wall and see the amazing contrasting blues. The water in the gully looks grayish blue; in the hole it has a dark blue hue, then looking…
    School of Snapper

    Jibacoa/Spart Shipwrecks Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    The Jibacoa is a cargo ship and the Sparta a military ship sunk around 20 years ago.You can see the Jibacoa from the surface, the Sparta is completely submerged and still has guns, ladders and anchor rope.Both wrecks are covered in coral and sponges, you can see schools of snapper, crabs, sea…

    El Cabezo de las Isabelitas Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Photographer's delight!Lots of coral, snapper, goatfish, parrotfish, hamlets, angelfish and trumpetfish, along with colourful anemones and large sponges.Sandy channels to explore in and out along the rugged wall.