Dive in Holguin

    Gorgonian Coral

    Casa Coral Holguin, Cuba

    A barrier of coral with a great diversity of sea life, mainly small tropical fish and many coral species.large gorgonians and sea fans are the best part about this site.
    Gorgonian and reef

    La Corona Holguin, Cuba

    Semi-circular coral formation that look like a crown, hence the name La Corona. Big gorgonians, corals, sponges and lots of fish.

    Canto Bonito Holguin, Cuba

    Wall that drops from 15 meters to 35 metres, find lobster, crab, octopus and lots of reef fish.
    Black Coral

    Pesquero Holguin, Cuba

    Coral bottom with loads of sponges, gorgonians and fish. There are numerous colonies of black coral to be found.

    La Cadena Holguin, Cuba

     A chain with links across the entrance to the channel from east to west. Wide variety of invertebrates to find.