Dive in Catalina Islands


    Catalina Islands Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    The Catalina Island chain is a series of rocky outcrops, 2-8 miles from the coast. These islands are volcanic and sedimentary rising from a sandy bottom about 60 - 120 feet and are host to many species of marine life including the Giant Manta Rays, Stingrays, Sharks, Moray Eels, Barracudas, Sea…

    Sombreros Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    Many good spots around the Island. Manta and Eagle Ray sightings common during season.
    Swooping Manta Rays

    La Pared (The Wall) Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    Dive over shark channel and see the white-tipped reef sharks that call this area home.Drift past pinnacles to see the giant mantas, eagle rays, and schools of cow-nosed rays that visit the cleaning stations here. 
    White Tip Reef Shark

    La Punta (The Point) Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    Cruise the area looking for giant mantas at the two big cleaning stations. You might see a white-tipped reef shark. Descend at the main island and drift with the current into deeper waters where the big fish are.