Dive in Malpelo

    White Tip Shark

    The Cathedral Malpelo, Colombia

    Descend onto the pinnacle then enter the tunnel from a sandy bottom at 18 metres that almost reaches the surface on the other side. The tunnel walls are covered in corals and sponges. Inside the tunnel is full of many fish, which creates a mystic feeling. Enjoy diving at the church! You can see…
    Silky Shark

    Monster Face Malpelo, Colombia

    This site is on the north side of Virginia's Altar, under what looks like the face of a monster, which seems to be looking at Malpelo from the North. Descend down the vertical wall where it's possible to see huge schools of hammerheads.There are also tuna, silky sharks, eagle rays, jacks, eels and…
    Manta Ray

    Castaway Coast Malpelo, Colombia

    Loads of Creole fish, eels, sea bass, jacks and sea urchins but the best things to see are the pacific manta or school of hammerheads!

    The Freezer Malpelo, Colombia

    Wall dive, with lots of hard corals and volcanic landscape.Massive schools of hammerhead sharks and other big pelagics.Look out for silkies, whale sharks, tuna, rays, eels and jacks.
    School of Eagle Rays

    The Fridge Malpelo, Colombia

    A small bay with a cleaning station for jacks and hammerhead.Lots of creole fish, eagle rays, silky sharks in the hundreds and maybe even a whale shark or two.Fabulous dive.
    Galapagos Sharks

    La Gringa Malpelo, Colombia

    The biggest rock on the south of Malpelo, swim through the cave in the pinnacle onto the three sea mounds where a big school of jacks hang out.Hammerheads frequent the area along with the illusive Galapagos shark, eagle rays, and tuna.

    The Twins Malpelo, Colombia

    This site is two long parallel pinnacles that form a canyon that schools of hammerhead sharks and eagle rays tend to swim through.Look for scorpionfish and eels in the shallower depths or maybe a silky shark a bit deeper.
    School of Jacks

    Viginia's Altar Malpelo, Colombia

    Also called 'The Reef', with large coral formations and lots of reef fish, snapper, bass, surgeonfish, angelfish, Morrish Idols and morays.Schools of barracuda and jacks are common and maybe the occasional hammerhead.