Dive in Chile

    Acapulco Beach Acapulco Beach, Chile

    The dive can be bad, depending on visibility. Seek to go out of the bay or hug the shore.The area is quite populated with giant manta rays. You don't hear of dangerous encounters, but you are sure to find one.

    Anemone Wall Anemone Wall, Chile

    This dive is a long one and you must go south from the dive entry point.Go through the "cut", a narrow channel visible before you go in...play the surges.Then one out of the cut, head south.You will soon reach a deep wall, the anemone wall is at about 70 Ft, at that point the bottom is at about…

    Bajo el Cerro de la Cruz Bajo el Cerro de la Cruz, Chile

    Good deep divesite. Shoals of fish, soft coral.

    Bajo Playa Chica Bajo Playa Chica, Chile

    Bajos del TiburÛn Bajos del Tiburon, Chile

    Cauldron of Death Caudrin of Death, Chile

    The name is testament of those not making entry during the "calm".Surges come every 15 min to 18 minutes...you need to time them.They last 5 to 7 waves.If you find yourself returning during a "Surge" hug one of the walls. There is a 60 Ft vertical cave at the south west entry point, a…

    Colin's double strike Colin s double strike, Chile

    Enter the water from beach right where the padi flag is shown.Head west and then follow the walls to the north.The bottom is sandy beach with rock and kelp islands.Lots of fish.Those planing a B-Q may get some fish by snorkelling in the shallows.The area to the south is still unexplored. go try it…

    El Acuario de Santa MarÌa El Acuario de Santa Maria, Chile

    One of the best spots in the area, big and colourfull sponges, schoolfishes, some sea lions, on summer time may see mola mola (pez luna).

    El Buey El Buey, Chile

    El Buey is the rock formation.There is a lot of good diving both to the south and north of the rock.The swell can be quite strong at times but the views make it well worth it.This dive is best performed "one way".Have the boat drop you in and then head south following the reef structure.The boat…

    El Falucho El Falucho, Chile


    El Fraile El Fraile, Chile

    Probabably the best dive site of Quintay; advanced divers only. Caves, sea lions...

    Jardines de CopetÛn Jardines de Copeton, Chile

    The entry to the site is from the pebble beach.Exercise extreme caution with the surf in this area upon entry and exit.Once you are in the water head out to about 10m depth and descend.It is best to head SW and work around the large rocks.This site has lots of kelp and the associated marine…

    La Caldera La Caldera, Chile


    La Catedral La Catedral, Chile

    The diver begins with kelps, and going deeper you can find big rock formations with colourful sponges and cold water corals.

    La Isla La Isla, Chile

    La Isla Seca La Isla Seca, Chile


    La Portada La Portada, Chile

    This dive is a difficult one in that there are strong surges and not really a current.They bring a lot of food around and provides divers a unique opportunity to see schools of "Hacha" fish, similar to the juvenile angelfish in the caribean, except these are about 30 cm diameter.The bottom has…

    Lobera de Curaumilla Lobera de Curaumilla, Chile

    Dive in an area that has one of the biggest colony of seals in the region.

    Los Jardines Juan Dolio, Chile


    Los Molles Los Molles, Chile

    It is a place of cold water with excellent visibility and depths of possibility. Sea lions and beautiful species.

    MarÌa Elizabeth Wreck Maria Elizabeth Wreck, Chile

    Cargo sunk 13th jan 1965

    Pared Sur Pared Sur, Chile

    One of the best Dive Sites in the area, dont forget to visit "La cueva del Congrio" at 37m.visit www.buceomagallanes.cl to get there.

    Roca Alfa Roca Alfa, Chile

    Interesting Sea life, big sponges and schoolfishes.

    Roca Chungungo Roca Chungungo, Chile

    Roca Chungungo is named for the sea otters that frequent this particular spot.The best way to dive the area is to enter the water and go around the rock in a clockwise fashion.The western most extreme is also the deepest for those who need the nitrogen fix.This is a good dive for beginners as…

    The Abyss The Abyss, Chile

    This site is frequented by sea lions and otters.Large fish (Peje Perro).It's good for beginners if they don't wander off.The name comes from a feeling one gets once diving the wall, with the lushious kelp and the sandy bottom at 105 Ft, combined with the good visibility, when you cross a channel,…

    The beach The beach, Chile

    From this beach there are 2 dives.You go north at about 15 Ft until you reach the drop-off to 50 Ft.Then either go north-west along the wall.At the far end it's 92 Ft depth and you turn around or you go North-East.This side needs good navigators that can find their way back.The second is notorious…

    The Moai Trail The Moai Trail, Chile

    It's a very picturesque dive in that you keep the wall on your right and you pass by a number of rock formations.One looks like a spire, the kind of a statue of Easter Island, reason for the Moai name.Look for the cave at 90 feet just north of the Moai.Come back through the kelp or venture yourself…

    The sunken reef The sunken reef, Chile

    The sunken reef is a superb dive that can test your skills: the Padi flag for this dive has been located at the start, where the cut is to go to Anemone wall.Go past the cut headed west and keep the wall on your left.You will soon find that as the sandy bottom keeps dropping, you will level off at…

    The trail of the Moai The trail of the Moai, Chile

    This dive starts off at the place one goes to Anemone Wall.Instead of going south, you head off north-west, keeping the wall on your right.Stay at 70' and you will com accross a large monolith spire resembling Easter Island's rock carvings of Moai.Work your way down on the wall and you will see a…