Dive in Angra dos Reis

    Aracatibinha Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Dive site close to a pier which supplies live aboard boats with fresh water. During the filling time, it's worth to make a few bubbles at the rocks surrounding the pier or even underneath it. Morrays, crabs and turtles can be seen here.

    Boca do Boqueirao Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Ilha do Jorge Grego Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    We can divide the island into two points for diving: the internal part, where there is a wreck of a fishing vessel, has depths ranging from 9 to 20 meters. The bottom is sand and rocks that form passages between the rocks. Here the level of experience is the recommended level. From the outside,…

    Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis, Brazil


    Lage Branca Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    It is a small rock close to the Angra dos Reis harbor channel. Its position is indicated by a navigation light. If the sea conditions permit it is possible to dive around it in 35 minute (keeping a depth of 5~7mt).

    Lagoa Azul Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Lagoa Verde Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    At average of Ilha Grande are dive site. You can find moreys, crabs, small reef fish. Very often live aboard boast stop by for the end of the day plus night dives here.

    Parcel do Coronel Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Very interesting dive site. It has a unique under water topology sorted with narrow passages and short caves. It is also common to spot rays. The dive site itself is the submerged rock formation 500~600 meters off the Lage do Coronel. The Parcel is indicated by a navigation buoy and the Lage is…

    Ponta da Ilha Longa Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Usual marine life for the coastal South Atlantic area.

    Ponta Grossa Angra dos Reis, Brazil