Dive in Bimini

    Moray Alley Bimini, Bahamas

    Nice reef life including Morays, groupers, angelfish, stingrays...

    Sapona Wreck Bimini, Bahamas

    The Sapona was a 270-foot vessel built in 1904. It was used by rum-runner between the Bahamas and Florida during Prohibition. She sunk during an hurricane in 1926.Over half of the ship is visible above water, so it is a very popular wreck for snorkellers.

    The Strip Bimini, Bahamas

    Great night dive. This is a must for underwater photographers: marine life is impressive, maybe this is due of its location?Take care of the boat traffic in this area.

    Tuna Alley Bimini, Bahamas

    Tuna Alley is one of the best dive site of Bahamas.