Dive in Tasmania

    Fortesque Bay Kelp Forest Tasmania, Australia

    Waterfall Bay Caves & Canyons Tasmania, Australia

    Geologically, the Tasman Peninsula region is primarily mudstone/sandstone which in some areas has been extensively eroded to offer huge caves, tunnels and canyons, particularly in Waterfall Bay, an area well known for its sea caves. The largest, Cathedral Cave, consists of a massive entrance…

    Patersons Arch Tasmania, Australia

    The canyons of the Patersons Arch area offer all the varied intertebrate life, great swim-throughs and walls of the caves, but without the rock ceiling. Patersons Arch can be dived by anyone with good diving skills and reasonable buoyancy control, although we do not normally recommend it for novice…

    The Wreck of SS "Nord" Tasmania, Australia

    The SS "Nord" was built in 1900. She weighed 1057 tonnes nett and measured 289.4 feet. She was a cargo ship carrying case oil when she sank on November 8th, 1915, after striking a sunken pinnacle near Hippolyte Rock. All her crew survived the wreck. The wreck is situated near a reef in 42 metres of…

    diamond island kelp forests Bicheno, Australia

    this is an excelent dive site countless amount of abolone excelent kelp forests and magnificent visuability.