Dive in South Australia

    Broken Bottom Adelaide, Australia

    Visibly is good, but be aware that the lack of distinctive features make it easy to get lost.A common training dive.

    Edithburgh Jetty Adelaide, Australia

    Glenelg Barge Adelaide, Australia

    The Barge is the sister sip to the Dredge, and used to carry sand before being sunk as a dive wreck.The deck is only 12m or so, and the bottom is about 18m. Typically there will be schools of fish, crabs, sea cucumbers. Wreck penetration is not recommended as there is lots of piping.

    Leather Jacket Alley Adelaide, Australia

    Leather Jacket Alley is similar to Broken Bottom. Apparently there are naturally formed gutters, but visually is similar to other SA sites. There are a number of different types of fish that come here however, including the Leather Jacket the site is named for.

    Port Noarlunga Reef Adelaide, Australia


    Rapid Bay Jetty Adelaide, Australia

    Great opportunity to see Leafy Sea Dragons. Fantasic photography. Schools of fish towards the end of the jetty. Like an underwater forrest.

    The Dredge Adelaide, Australia

    This site is generally known just as "The Dredge". It's the sister ship to "The Barge" which is sunk nearby and is an easy swim (star droppers show the way).This is probably one of the best wrecks available to OW divers in SA. The deck is about 14m, and the sea floor is 20m making is a easy…

    Ewans Ponds Mount Gambier, Australia

    Piccanninie Ponds Mount Gambier, Australia

    Been many years since I had dived here, but you may still need a permit to snorkel and it probably still is rated as a Cave Dive and will require a Cave certification to dive this site.

    Port Mac Donald Pier Mount Gambier, Australia