Turtle Tomb

Pulau Sipadan, Sabah

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Turtle Tomb is a small cave system behind turtle cavern.

If you follow the left hand wall of the cavern to the end and swim arount the big rock in your way you will end up in front of a small tunnel big enough for one diver to swim through. Behind that tunnel a cave opens with several side tunnels. There's a tiny window which opens at the wall close to barracuda point. if you take off your gear you might be able to exit there if you're really thin. Whatch out - there's usually a scorpion fish at that exit!

The cave floor of turtle tomb is covered with a thick layer of white dust which contains countless skelettons of green sea turtles. The turtles have died in there of asphyxia since they couldn't find their way out.

If you stir up the dust the same might happen to you. Only enter with a local guide who knows the cave!

Turtle Tomb is a VERY special dive site which every cave diver should have seen once in his life!

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Barry Page March 13th, 2013 - 13:42:
I died turtle tomb on the 11th March 2013 and stayed at Mabul Beach Resort for 10 nights. I was fortunate to dive Sipidan on 5 days/ 15 dives; marvelous considering the resorts typically only guarantee 1 days diving at Sipidan and if you book a minimum 6 nights, due to dive permit restrictions/120 maximum divers per day on the island. My penultimate day at Mabul resort. I dived with a local instructor and two buddies whom I had met the day before. Turtle Tomb was a great dive, very calming and peaceful. We encountered thermoclimes in one section, which the female dive buddy found disturbing as she was unaware of this phenomena. However, the instructor stated that thermoclimes (causing vision distortion) are not always present. All in all a tick in the box, I would have been extremely diasappointed to have travelled so far and not undertaken the cave dive.

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