Barracuda Point

Pulau Sipadan, Sabah

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Dive Barracuda Point

Ambiance Reef Wall

This dive site has a great barracuda shoal (between 500 and 1000). You may have dream about pictures of fish shoals taken from above... here it is a geat place to live this!
"From Big Drop (800 m depth) we took boat to Barracuda Point, where jack and barracuda schools were waiting for us. The current there is strong. Also with many Buffalo fish leaving their cave every morning around 6:30 and returning every evening around 17-18:00. The sea turtles are abundant...too many out there. In the small jungle on the island lives the coconut crab. Though it takes a long time to arrive at the island, this isolated paradise keep itself away from mass tourists and embraces only the divers."
"Tornado of 1000's of schooling barracudas, taking your mind off the fantastic healthy corals. Barracuda Point is just one of approximately 14 amazing dive sites off Sipadan where barracuda feed. Sipadan is possibly one of the most amazing dive islands in the world with an awesome array of sea life, a 2000 ft drop off and abundant coral.

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    barracuda bank
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