Tokai Maru

Guam, Micronesia

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The Tokai Maru was a 135m long Japanese passenger-cargo freighter built in 1930. She was re-commissioned as a freighter by the Japanese Imperial Navy in October, 1941, and was used to transport war materials and personnel throughout the pacific. She was torpeadoed by the US Flying Fish submarine in january 1943. Now she rests in 120 feet with an 85 degree list to port (left). The shallowest part of the ship is the upper forward bridge area at a depth of 40 feet. A torpedo has blown a hole in the port #3 cargo hold, and this is undoubtedly the torpedo that sunk her. There is damage on the starboard bow, but this is believed to have been inflicted on the first attack in January, 1943. The cargo holds contains remains of truck frames, beds, scrap steel, and misc objects. The engine room is huge, and both of her engines, catwalks, and panels are intact. The after deck house in the stern of the vessel contains at least 4 depth charges, which are plainly visible from the top of the structure. DO NOT attempt to touch or move these depth charges. Visibility averages 35-40', but can vary due to the tide and large ship traffic in the harbor. A good average diving depth to see all of the Tokai would be 60-80 feet.

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