Dive in Guam

Diving in Guam

Guam  has some of the best dive sites in the world since there has been minimal tourist impact compared to other better known dive locations. Piti Bomb Holes has been built up as a tourist attraction allowing tourists to descend into an observatory where they can take in the beauty that has grown in a sinkhole. (The name "Bomb Holes" is a misnomer.) Divers may dive around this attraction and feed shoals of fish for the amusement of the tourists inside the subaquatic observatory as much as for the divers' own amusement.

While many of the dive sites can be reached by land, some of these entry points require a long walk over coral or a long surface swim. Also, because so much of the island is controlled by U.S. military bases, many of the dive sites are accessed by land through the military bases.

Guam is blessed with crystal blue waters, magnificent reefs, wall and wrecks. The underwater world surrounding Guam is magnificent and the variety of diving is on par with anything on earth. Along with an average ocean temperature of 80 degrees, it makes diving pleasant year round.

Additionally there’s spectacular wall diving and unparalleled wreck diving: How about a German, Japanese, and American ship in the same harbor, plus more ships, planes, and a wide assortment of barges, bombs, and other artifacts from WWII.

We don't know of any other place in the world where you can touch two shipwrecks that went down in two different wars on the same dive!: the Cormoran from WWI and Takai Maru from WWII touch each other bow-stern at 100 ft.

The Blue Hole is Guam’s signature wall dive with an amazing cavern starting at 65 ft., which enters into an archway at 130 ft.

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Guam is the largest (543 sq. kilometres) and most populated island, situated at the southern end of the Marianas chain. Just south of the island is the Marianas Trench, the world’s greatest ocean depth - 10,925 meters.

Hagatna, is a busy capital city and the hub of Guam's business and government activity. It is a historical centre with architectural reminders of its 17th-century Spanish heritage and World War II military conflicts. Amidst all this, Hagatna's parks and plazas invite pleasant strolls and relaxed sightseeing. Just a few miles away is Tumon Bay, Guam's resort and entertainment region.

Tumon Bay's crescent of white, sandy beach is lined with many modern hotels and resorts. Adjoining these resorts are shopping centres, restaurants, nightclubs, and entertainment attractions, creating a centre of retail enjoyment. Tumon Bay's entertainment attractions include Las Vegas-style shows, a great tropical aquarium and boutiques featuring some of the most famous names in fashion.

Guam also has a tranquil side. The island's coastal highway takes you around its southern side with scenic lookouts, snorkelling sites and quiet villages offering glimpses into native Chamorro culture and everyday lifestyle of the local people.

Guam, with its historical landmarks and natural beauty, offer numerous sights of interest. In many locations throughout the island, Spanish influence is clearly visible, such as the architectural design of Guam’s southern homes and villages.

The graceful remains of Spanish buildings, the Plaza De España and stone bridges may be seen in Hagatna, Guam’s capital. Discover the warmth of Guam and all her diverse personalities, glamorous resorts, entertainment, adventure, host of cultural crossroads and friendly, easy-going people.

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