Takat Malang

Gili Meno, Gili Islands

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Dive Takat Malang

Ambiance Reef

This site is close to Simon’s reef, and quite similar in many respects – a collection of large coral heads (Takats) arranged in a sloping bed, beginning with plateau at 15 metres. There are about 10 major heads, each sculpted with overhangs, outcrops and swim throughs - as if someone has been at work on the reef with a giant carving chisel. The heads show the same excellent diversity of corals as at Simon’s reef, covered in soft coral varieties growing on top of the stony coral outcrops, including some very big Gorgonian sea fans. The channels between the heads are as interesting as the heads themselves, with good concentrations of bigger reef fish and fascinating topography, snaking between the ornately sculpted Takats. The wonderful range of fish and coral species here are similar to those at Simon’s Reef. This is an excellent multilevel dive which we end at “Mama Takat”, where you usually see the huge resident Cuttlefish. This is a truly excellent dive, with all the positive factors of Simon’s Reef and the added bonus of the Deep Turbo topography.

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