Pyramid Rocks

Cape Town, South Africa

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Dive Pyramid Rocks

Reef Sharks

The area around Pyramid Rocks cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20meters.The Top of the Pyramid shaped rock can be seen breaking the surface in the distance,this is a long snorkel out to the rocks.

This area has been a marine reserve for years so all the Delights of False bay can all be seen in one dive.There are quite a few different fish species the obvious are the Red Roman,John Brown,the Cape Knife jaw,Zebra's,Streepies and of course the National fish the Galjoen.Three species of shy shark,Pyjama,Gully shark and Soupfin are regularly spotted the juvenile Dusky's put in a rare appearance.The Attraction of this dive sight are the Seven gill spotted cow sharks,These slow swimming prehistoric looking sharks cruise lazily around the area between the shore and the Pyramid.Broad snouted they can get up to 3 meters in length.they have the unnerving habit of swimming straight at divers .the divers always give way.Potentially dangerous there have been no incidents of attack or aggression at this dive site.

Large orange wall sponges jut out along the walls and thousands of micro organisms create stunning colours along the dive.Gas flame Nudibranchs and the cape dorid are some of the numerous nudibranchs to be seen.

On one occasion we had to stop and wait for a whale to swim passed on our swim out,Also spotted here is the Cape Clawless otter.

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