Windmill Beach

Cape Town, South Africa

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Dive Windmill Beach


The entry and exit points are both very sheltered, gently sloping sand beaches.

This site is almost always sheltered and the entry is probably the easiest on the entire South African coast. Wave action is normally not more than an inch or two and is rarely more than 30cm high. There can be a little surge round the point if there is a big swell.

There is a rocky point going out into the sea for about 100m from the middle of a gentle beach. It is a favourite training dive as you can enter from the beach on one side of the rocks, and swim round the point and exit on the other side of the rocks, on the same beach. Plenty of kelp, red and green seaweed, nudibranches, sea cucumbers, urchins, dogfish and pajama sharks can be seen.

  • Rock lobster

    Rock lobster
  • Octopus


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