Marine Park Wrecks

Pulau Tioman, Peninsular Malaysia

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Dive Marine Park Wrecks


In the south of Soyak island, there are 8 wrecks located off the beach at the Marine Park headquaters. They are all connected so navigation is relatively simple and inquisitive batfish will often follow you around. Big shoals of fusiliers, jacks and trevallys can be seen around the wrecks. Pirate Reef and Pirate Wreck The reef is a breeding ground for fish in the area with hatching season from March to May. Thousands of tiny fish can be seen on the reef this time of year. The wreck, a couple of minutes swim away in 18 meters, is seldom visited and in good condition covereed in soft corals and fans. Sawadee Wreck These two wrecks lie in 30 meters of water and are the deepest dives this close to the island. Bigger shoals of fish can be seen here and even a stonefish and octopus on closer inspection.

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