M.F.O. Pipeline

Nuweiba, Egypt

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Dive M.F.O. Pipeline


M.F.O. is an abbreviation for "Multi-National Force and Observers".
The dive starts along two desalination pipes that were put there by the Israeli Army in the late seventies. Both pipes start at 5 metres and stretch out horizontally, sloping gradually down to 12 metres and 20 metres respectively. The pipes are around 5 metres apart and over the years have become overgrown with soft corals and small table corals. This has attracted an abundance of fish to shelter around the pipes.
A short swim north from the pipes we find the reef at a depth between 14 and 20 metres with a collection of small pinnacles, coral heads and masses of soft corals blanketing the bottom. The fish life is abundant with Jackfish, Grouper, Parrotfish and sometimes Leopard rays.

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