El Magana

Nuweiba, Egypt

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Dive El Magana


25 minutes by car towards Taba is El Magana, a site next to a very basic beach camp with 2 dive sites. The reef starts just 20 metres from the beach at a depth of 5 metres. your first dive will probably take you to the left side along a wall where the reef drops to 35 metres. A break in the coral plate forms a canyon which we fin through at a depth of around 20-25m from where we head back through a coral garden to the exit.

After a surface interval, the second dive will probably head right this time along the coral reef plate. This is a very similar site to the first with some large fish and plenty of healthy corals. Both reefs are mainly hard corals and with a little bit of luck you can spot Napoleons, Barracudas and Seahorses.

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