Gunter's wall

Leyte, Philippines

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Dive Gunter's wall

Deep Reef Wall

Wall covered with large black corals.
A series of large rock out crops away from the main reef wall.

Huge gorgonian fans, big bushes of black coral, sponges, tunicates, excellent hard coral coverage.
Turtles, Emperor Fish, schools of Snapper and Fusilier, Bat Fish, Garden Eels, Nudibranchs, Ornate Ghost Pipe fish, occasional Spotted Eagle Ray, Blue Spotted Ribbon Tail Ray, whale shark.
Visibility: Typically 10m to 30m
Divers descend the main reef wall to 20m, and then follow a bearing across a sandy seabed to a series of rock outcrops. Top of the deepest rock is 28m descending to 43m. After viewing the outcrops, divers return to the main reef wall to investigate the fantastic hard coral coverage and macro life

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