Gun Beach

Guam, Micronesia

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Located in the North of Piti Bomb Holes, this beach dive is started and ended by walking in ankle-to-knee-deep water perpendicular to the beach, along a thigh-width pipe. At the wave-break zone, this pipe is at the bottom of a rip-current notch in the reef. Fortunately, the pipe has rough joints at intervals of about one yard, making it almost a perfect "ladder" to easily work back in toward shore against that outgoing rip-current. Once past the wave-break zone, the reef slopes off at a gentle 20 degree angle toward deep water. The shallowest portions almost reach the water's surface, while the deep end finishes in a sandy plain roughly 90'~100' down. Divers should confine their attention to the side of the divesite closest to the center of Tumon Bay rather than "away", because the "away" side is generally populated with dead corals and Crown of Thorns starfish. The "near" side, on the other hand, has excellent corals..candlesticks, brain corals, and antler corals. There are hand-shaped "spider" shells, an abundance of fish life, and an offshore permanent boat mooring.

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