Finger Reef

Guam, Micronesia

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Dive Finger Reef

Reef Wall

Like Outhouse Beach and Family Beach, Finger Reef is inside Apra Harbor, and therefore divable even when rough weather threatens to make most of Guam's divesites undivable. There, the similarity ends. Finger Reef is an extremely well-developed reef wall along the opposite side of Apra Harbor, much closer to the Harbor's sea access opening. It is quite far from shore, and the nearby shore is part of a restricted-access military base, so almost all divers reach the site by diveboat. The reef starts at roughly 20~30' and drops off to roughly 60'. Dives are typically done as wall-dives, but not drift dives. Divers typically make their ascent and descent along the boat's anchor rope, and the boat is motionless during the dive. Because Finger Reef is full of sealife, protected by the harbor, relatively shallow, and near Blue Hole, it is a very popular "second dive of the day" after visiting Blue Hole.

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