Family Beach

Guam, Micronesia

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Family Beach, located near Outhouse Beach, is idyllic beach diving. it is within Apra Harbor, thereby guaranteeing that during most weather it is divable. Unlike Outhouse Beach, it is fairly brightly lit, with moderately well developed corals and moderately abundant sea life. Parking is alongside a white sandy beach. From there, divers wade out on a flat, sandy/grassy bottom in knee-to-waist-high water until reaching a narrow (30' wide) canyon that runs parallel to the beach. Diving is typically done along near and far walls of the canyon, in 6'~30' of water. Care should be taken not to stir up the sandy/silty bottom of the canyon, in order to maintain good visibility during the dive. The primary reason that Outhouse Beach is a common dive site, while Family Beach is not, is that Family Beach's access is controlled by a private owner who may charge fees or deny access, whereas Outhouse Beach is not hampered in this way.

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