Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks: 1000 Islands

Arctic, Canada

Wreck Fresh water Ice

The 1000 Islands is without question the world’s best fresh water ship wreck diving site. From picturesque islands, clear water, to literally hundreds of shipwrecks to choose from, the 1000 Island Region offers everything for anyone looking for an excellent cold water dive destination.


Located along the eastern stretch of the St. Lawrence Seaway System, The 1000 Island Region is the the gateway of exploration and commerce from the Atlantic to Lake Superior. Nearly four thousand kilometers long, the seaway is is the longest inland waterway at in the world. Since the first explorers arrived from England and France, over 400 years ago, the mighty St. Lawrence River has claimed hundreds of schooners, barges, paddle wheelers and freight carriers. Shoals ripping hulls open, war time battles, ships purposely scuttled to prevent them getting in the hands of the enemy, to careless captain, rookie pilots, old age, storms and on board fires, fog, rain, wind and ice have all claimed their fair share of these wooden and steel vessels. The history of the St. Lawrence is preserved in its depths providing vast opportunities for exploration below the ice, when visibility is at it’s best to see history up close.

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