Canada's Great Lakes: Lost Villages

Arctic, Canada

Wreck Fresh water Ice

Exploration of great lakes navel history, from shipwrecks to lost villages beneath the ice.

The St. Lawrence River is the only way for ocean freighter ships to reach the Great Lakes, transporting freight to a host of cities, including Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Toronto. To allow larger freighters through the river, it was necessary to raise the water level and to do so a lot of infrastructure along the old water level was lost.On Inundation Day, July 1, 1958, seventy thousand people watched as 30 tons of explosives were detonated, releasing 180 billion gallons of water through a cofferdam on the St. Lawrence River. The lives of local people were changed, and six villages and three hamlets were lost forever underneath the waters of newly created Lake St. Lawrence.

Among the impressive underwater sights, from sidewalks to old railbeds, there is also the old canal system with complete locks as well as a hydro electric station submerged below the surface.

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