Beacon Point

Koh Similan, Thailand

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Dive Beacon Point

Reef Sharks Drift

This is a good multilevel dive with interesting features at every depth. This south easterly reef is actually an extension of the lengthy sloping dropoff running parallel to the eastern coast (Beacon Beach), and very comparable to the latter except that the coral at Beacon Point is superior. There is abundant healthy hard coral along the shallow reeftop and the steeply dipping dropoff, and clumps of gorgonian sea fans and wire corals on the sandy floor. Fish life is prolific with an abundance of the usual reef fish. Stingrays, leopard sharks and small reef sharks are also encountered. With favorable currents, it is possible to make a drift dive from Beacon Beach (some three hundred meters to the north). Depths 6 - 36m. Visibility 18 - 24m.

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