Scuba Joker S-35483

Scuba Joker S-35483

Nosy Be, Madagascar

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ScubaJoker Madagascar is a company founded in 2007 with the idea of ​​Alessandro and Marco. Their life has been dedicated to the sea: Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, S. Domingo, Cuba, Cape-Verde, Sardinia, Sicily, Liguria, Egypt, Maldives, Australia! Found, for the case in Madagascar. Both agree in being drifted by the force of nature that sweeps for its grandeur! Scents, colors, smells, nature palpable daily livable, is here, who have decided to make concrete their dream of opening a diving center, pour their international experience here, where tourism is still a tourism "niche" than other destinations ... SCUBAJOKER MADAGASCAR born from the desire to have fun and to entertain, to make known, through PADI, passion and experience, but above all through the wonderful depths of Madagascar, the world of diving to those who still have not had this luck. The choice of partners was not made at random: SCUBAJOKER MADAGASCAR and PADI, a choice you say, "now common", of course! but given a choice by the guarantees of a company (PADI), which has invested in the research, invest and continue to invest, a teaching that ensures continuity to all professional and amateur divers, a teaching that is always at the forefront of its proposals and how concerns us is always present in every corner of the world. CRESSI SUB and 'was chosen to ensure that all our divers, students, snorkelling equipment a top quality MADE IN ITALY, a world leader in the production of diving equipment, dive center to guarantee a perpetual care, to give a line, the elegance and practicality, a company that is always available to set up, serious and ready. Our air, besides being kidnapped from a totally clear and pure, passes through the metal walls of a compressor Bauer V5, to be then secured in aluminum tanks of 12 liters. Our boats are basically two lances: a 10 m with 150 hp Yamaha engine and a 12 engine with 230 hp, designed specifically for divers, and with spaces for easy access to the equipment in the water and easy ' output.

  • Scuba Joker Madagascar

    Scuba Joker Madagascar

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zeila December 13th, 2012 - 16:34:
Scubajoker is the biggest diving center in Nosy Be, well organized, with very professional staff and comfortable boat. They have the largest choice of dive sites. They don't provide nitrox, as well as other dive centers, high prices.

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