Rum Cay Divers

Rum Cay Divers

Rum Cay and Conception Island, Bahamas

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Rum Cay Diving is simply one of the most incredible diving destinations on this planet according to many diving aficionados who have had the good fortune to dive Rum Cay. From a diver’s perspective Rum Cay’s moniker as the “unspoiled jewel of the Bahamas” could not be more descriptive.
The island located on the continental shelf provides tremendous underwater scenery including abundant sea life, spectacular coral formations and wreck diving. The wall dives around the island provide a tremendous forum for discovery and are among the most spectacular in the Caribbean. Coral heads, fractures, caves, wrecks and exotic marine life are abundant.
Dolphins, turtle sightings and other large animal sightings are frequent. Rum Cay is ideal for underwater photography as the undisturbed reefs teem with activity. Countless wreck dives including the HMS Conqueror, which sunk in 1861, provides a glimpse into the Caribbean romantic past.
The entire island is virtually surrounded by fine, white coral sand, making it very easy to walk, relax and enjoy.

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