Pulau Tiga Resort

Pulau Tiga Resort

Pulau Tiga, Sabah

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Pulau Tiga is the biggest of the three islands.  The geological formation of this island is that it was formed from the eruption of several mud volcanoes, whose combination of subterranean gas pressure expelled muddy sediments, which have built-up this island to its present height of more than 100m above sea level.  Several active mud volcanoes can still be seen on the island especially at the summit of the island.  Pulau Tiga provide refuge to several species of mammals, numerous birds, variety of reptiles and amphibians and also hundreds or even thousands species of insects.

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The islands have the following distinct features:  Outstanding scenic views and sunsets. A variety of island habitats. Floral diversity with old stands of trees in an area that has never been logged. Floral composition that includes several species of orchids, ferns, palms and shrubs. Fauna composition that include the elusive megapodes, variety of insects, birds and reptiles. Interesting geological formation. The "mud volcanoes" and its effects on the island vegetation growth and composition. The well known snake island and snake biology and ecology. Good coral environment for Scuba diving and snorkeling. A reasonable sheltered bay at most times of the year for a safe place to conduct many water sport activities.

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