Orcasub Formentera

Orcasub Formentera

Formentera, Balearic

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NAME OF THE DIVING CENTER: Diving Division Orcasub
ADRESS: Hotel Formentera Playa – Club Maryland – Hotel Riu La Mola
THE DIVING CENTER: opened in 1995, Diving Division Orcasub is located directly on the beach, inside three hotels in Formentera: Hotel Formentera Playa, Club Maryland and Hotel Riu La Mola. All of them have place for up to 900 guests and are located on the beach. It is possible to book these hotels in all the bests travel agencies. Inside the hotels is possible to practice the following activities: canoe, sailing, catamaran, windsurf, tennis. Diving Division Orcasub organize a transport for divers spending their holiday outside the hotels where the diving center is located.
THE RESPONSABLE OF THE DIVING CENTER: Luca Farnioli (Master Instructor Padi - Cmas instructor **).
OPENING TIME: from the beginning of april till the end of october.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN FROM THE STAFF OF THE DIVING CENTER: english, spanish, italian, german and french.
THE EQUIPMENT OF THE DIVING CENTER: two boats equipped with first aid, oxigen bag and lights for night navigation (a boat of 8 meters with an outboard engine of 250hp for 12 divers; a boat of 9 meters with an outboard engine of 300hp for 14 divers) - two compressors of 16 mc/h and one compressor of 32 mc/h - 30 complete diving equipments (30 dive suits of two pieces of 5mm, 30 short wet suit for snorkeling 30 jackets, 30 regulators with “octopus” system and manometer) - 60 steel tanks with mono and double valve of 10, 12 and 15 lt - 100 fins, masks and snorkels - 8 underwater light rechargable of 50 watt – 6 dive computer to rent.
DECOMPRESSION CHAMBER: the diving center has a contract with the decompression chamber and helicopter emergency system.
SERVICIES OFFERED BY THE DIVING CENTER: cleaning of the diving equipments with fresh water - storage of the clients’ diving equipment - reparations of diving equipments - underwater video - recharge of tanks - rent of boats.
SNORKELING EXCURSION: An “everybody excursion” to show you the best creeks and beaches of the island you can get only by the sea. Everybody is given, for free, fins, mask and snorkel to swim in the beautifull crystal clear water of Formentera. There are daily excursions. We also reserve boats for groups.
ORGANIZATION OF THE DIVES: on the boat there is place also for not divers. The meeting for the divers is in the morning at the diving center at 8.30. The return time is for lunch at 13.30. The boats leave from the port of Formentera which is 10 minutes by car from the diving center. The conveyances of the divers are organized by the diving center and are included in the price of the dives. The most far diving place is 20 minutes by boat from the port. The dives are organized mostly in the morning and the afternoon is used for diving courses and “free trial of diving equipment” in the swimming pool and in the sea. The morning diving excursion consist of two dives. There are two tanks for each diver, after the first dive there is a surface interval, then the tank is changed and there is a ripetitive dive. All the dives are leaded by a divemaster or an istructor, with an exception for organized groups and special requests. All the dives are strictly “no decompression time”. Once a week is organized a night dive and the day dipend on the divers.
THE DIVES: reef, wrack, wall, cavern, night.
THE COURSES: the diving center has an equipped room for the diving courses that last over 4/5 days after which an international licence can be gained in accordance with the directions of the diving federations PADI and CMAS. The courses are held in 5 languages (english, spanish, italian, german and french). The underwater exercises are held in the swimming pool of the hotel which has a depht of 3 mt.

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