DiveZone Lombok - Belongas Bay

DiveZone Lombok - Belongas Bay

Belongas Bay, Lombok

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Belongas Bay - challenging diving with big rewards!
Scuba diving in Belongas Bay ranges from exciting to challenging “adrenalin dives” at the dive sites “The Magnet“ and “The Cathedral“. The seasonable sighting of pelagic life is fairly regular., and apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during September, hammerheads have the tendency to sometimes school around the Magnet end June until end October. As currents and dive conditions in south east Lombok can at times be quite challenging, we recommend only to the more experienced diver!

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Minimum prerequisites for diving the “Magnet” and the “Cathedral” are advanced certification and from November until end of April 50 logged dives. From May until end of October 100 logged dives. We reserve the right to ask for a check dive before diving at these dive sites! Equipment requirement: Own surface marker buoy and dive computer are mandatory, gloves and/or reef hook is recommended. Now available: Nautilus Lifeline Diver retrieval system. IDR 150.000/day rental fee. www.Nautiluslifeline.com Please note: We do not guarantee that any particular dive site will be accessible at all times!

  • Belongas Bay, challenging diving with big rewards

    Belongas Bay, challenging diving with big rewards
  • Scuba Dive Lombok, Belongas Bay

    Scuba Dive Lombok, Belongas Bay
  • DiveZone Lombok, Scuba Diving South Lombok since 2005

    DiveZone Lombok, Scuba Diving South Lombok since 2005
  • Belongas Bay, Lombok Indonesia

    Belongas Bay, Lombok Indonesia
  • Scuba Diving Belongas Bay

    Scuba Diving Belongas Bay

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