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Manila, Luzon

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Picture this: Thousands of Jacks encircling you as you dive. A giant clam, as big as a suitcase, that coyly closes its mouth when touched, a shy acknowledgement of your presence. The sight of waving corals of all shapes and colors, waiting to be admired from up close. Or how about staring a sennet barracuda right in the face, close enough to see the color of its eyes? Or schools of fish that feed on the bread that floats from your outstretched hand? Imagine all these, practically just outside your window.

Only in Dive & Trek can you find them all. Dive & Trek is a PADI accredited beach resort that offers the natural thrill of being close to a marine sanctuary and all the local wonders within it. Start with snorkeling. Just a few meters off the shoreline, the snorkeling enthusiast can find out just how much this protected reef teems with life. The water is clear and one can easily see the bottom of the sea. Watch as various crustaceans scurry in the sand, or count the number of starfishes you can find.

Or get a high by diving deep with Dive & Trek's experienced and competent dive masters. The resort's diving buddy system assures that you will always have someone with you when you decide to explore the blue waters of Anilao. And what an adventure it will be!

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