Bali Dive Trek

Bali Dive Trek

Amed, Bali

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Bali Dive Trek is located in Bali, Indonesia.
We are a new dive-shop run by an enthusiastic team of experienced dive professionals. Having worked in this area for some years and seen a gap in the market for something a little different we decided to create Bali dive trek. We want to offer our divers more than just dive business as usual. We are the opposite of factory diving, a small operation offering personalized service with no intention of expansion. We love what we do and we want to keep it that way.
At Bali Dive Trek we hold both a deep love and respect for the ocean and for the rich Balinese culture in which we live. We believe this part of Bali is quite special, both underwater and above the surface. The marine biodiversity is incredibly rich and the traditional local Hindu culture is both accessible and fascinating. We are working in harmony with the local community.

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