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Two try dive with underwater scooter (DPV)

Certified divers will love to use Diver Propulsion Vehicle to explore the secret places of the ocean, only reachable by scooter. We provide scooter of great quality. During the intro dive, we give you the explanation about the use of the scooter and the safety procedures. You will then head with the guide for 2 amazing dives that you will never forget. We also offer DPV course that give you a…

Padi Beginners Course, PADI Discover Scuba DIVING

This package is the Discover Scuba Diving program of PADI in Full. With this program of 3 hours,you will dive up to 12 mt always under supervision of an Instructor, the duration of the dive its about 40 minutes. This programme its totally recommended for beginners that want to go deeper than the standard beginners course. The tariff includes : Book,Equipment,Instruction,Boat Trips, Insurance. One…

EXCLUSIVE Guided Snorkeling Trip

Join our exclusive snorkeling trip to the marine reserve of Montaña Amarilla, just 10 minutes away from our marina, or one of the numerous shaltered bays that surround the island. Guided by our Marine Biologist and Snorkeling Instructor you will discover the stunning marine life surrounding you. Explore the underwater world in the warm and clear waters of Tenerife southern coast, and marvel at…

Ibiza Scuba Diving for Beginners, With Sunset Option

Learn to scuba dive in the crystal-clear waters of southern Ibiza. Perfect for first-time divers and families, get personalized attention from qualified instructors, with a dive master guided tour of the reef. Highlights: Learn to scuba dive in the crystal-clear waters of southern Ibiza Get personalized attention from dive masters Swim in the house reef and look out for octopus, colorful schools…

Pack Open water June!

With this package you will get your Open water Course with 2 fun dives EXTRA!! Join us in our subculture!! We will start in the pool and finally get in to the ocean from the boat!! We can take some pictures and videos under water which you will never forget at the end of the course!! The 2 extra dive will be more than fine to just get more confidence after the course!! Exited?? join us!!
La Graciosa

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Scuba diving has a long tradition in Spain. The first diving centers were open here in 1950s. Many divers refer to Spain as “the Caribbean of Europe. Diving in Spain offers two main areas: the mediterranean and its rocky formations (caves, caverns, swim throughs, drop offs, walls) with some wreck. Famous are the Balearic islands for its turquoise blue waters, and the Medas Islands Marine Park in Costa Brava (Catalonia). The marine life in this area has a rich fauna and flora: corals, octopus, barracudas, stingrays, scorpionfish, groupers, moray eels, conger eels, amberjacks, etc.

The second main area, radically different from the first one, is the Canary Islands: located close to the eqator, and being mainly volcanic islands, the Canaries have exceptional volcanic underwater caves, caverns and tunnels to offer, home to octopi, sponges and anemones. Although the ocean floor around the islands is sandy, there are several steep volcanic rock walls and solidified lave flows have created an interesting and varied environment. Stingrays and eagle rays are abundant at Los Chuchos and Stingray Village as are tuna and barracuda. There is also a chance of seeing Bottle Nosed Dolphins, Loggerhead Turtles, Cuttlefish, Puffer Fish and seahorses. There is also a popular night dive spot in the area of Lanzarote which has an eerie abundance of green phosphorescence.


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    Sun Fish Basking
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