Dive in Oman

Diving packages in Oman

Group trip 5 days

Package for a large group of divers over multiple days, for diving only and boat trip to reefs, excluding gear hire and other expenses. Meet at the Marina.

Padi open water course

3-4 days can change your holiday and make it fun lets learn scuba diving and get your padi open water course with ABT Divers feel privacy it is only maximum 2 student with one instructor this is our ratio to make sure you get the right education in a comfortable environment .

one diver 3 days

Add-on diver for group package, diving only three days instead of five, excluding gear hire and other expenses but including boat trip out to the reefs.

Scuba Diving in Oman

Oman's beaches are some of the most important turtle nesting sites in the world, therefore the government has conservation policies to protect them. One of the most popular places to see turtles is The Daymaniat Islands, are a group of nine small islands in the Gulf of Oman. In order to dive here you need a permit and boats don't land on the islands at all during the nesting season. 

The easiest access to the islands is from the dive centre at the Al Sawadi Beach resort. It's about 45 minutes boat ride to the nearest one, Junn Island. It's a tiny, rocky island with a sweep of sandy beach.

The diving here is full of colour with bright yellow and purple soft corals and hard corals in many shapes, and good numbers of reef fish . If you've dived in the Red Sea or the Indian Ocean you will recognise some of the species here: shoals of fusiliers and blue tang, goatfish digging in the sandy patches, large surgeonfish streaming by in groups - there is plenty to see and photograph. Beautifully patterned moray eels watch from their holes in the reef. Pufferfish and pairs of brightly coloured bannerfish swim close to the corals. Lionfish stalk their prey and cuttlefish hang in the water or jet away when disturbed. Painted rock lobsters hide in rocky crevices and sea urchins sit everywhere on the sea bed protected by their long spines. I enjoyed watching anemone fish in their snake-lock homes. Our dive guide pointed out a deadly stonefish blending invisibly into a coral background. 

Travel to Oman

Oman is a destination in the Middle East with a hot climate and wonderful landscapes, offering a great place for your family, adventurous or only relaxing holidays, a stable country with a rich Bedouin culture, an enormous respect for he environment and home of the traditional Arabian hospitality. An exciting kaleidoscope of images and sounds mixed with the spices from a rich legacy on the maritime trade in the region, which can still be seen today at the local market of its capital, Muscat.

Oman has its roots in the sea with Sinbad the sailor, the most famous 'Omani'. Muscat has been the intersection of commercial trade between Africa and Asia for centuries, their mountains, beaches and valleys are mentioned in many manuscripts found in several museums around the world.

Oman is away from the mass toursim destinations which can make your dream holiday come true, with incredible spots for trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, 4x4 expeditions, dune bashing and of course scuba diving, snorkeling, water sports and dolphin watching trips. And of course, scuba diving.

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