Dive in Inhambane and Tofo


Travel to Inhambane and Tofo

Inhambane means diving with Mantas and Whale sharks.

It has 2500 km of pristine coastline, with pristine beaches and virgin reefs. Having been colonized by the Portuguese, it has a rich and diverse culture, a mixture of African, Arab and European influences. Hear the Afro-lating beat of the local music. Walk on miles of deserted beach, surrounded by coconut palms leaning in the breeze, and you'll know you've truly come to paradise!

The 2500km coastline is scattered with endless coral reefs, tropical beaches and is a mecca for scuba and snorkel divers, sun worshippers and adventures explorers. The pristine coast is one of the few unexplored pleasures of the Indian Ocean and host a dazzling display of marine life. Whatever your needs to have fun in the sun in Mozambique, you have come to the right place! October through February is Whale shark season, and these peaceful giants of the ocean are often seen (but not touched) by lucky dives and snorkelers.

Its highlights:
1. Miles of pristine, unspoilt beaches
2. Diving with Mantas rays at cleaning stations
3. Diving unspoilt and un-crowded dive sites with many still to be discovered
4. Snorkelling with Whalesharks

Mantas year round
Whale shark season: September/October through March

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