Dive in Yap

Diving in Yap

A manta ray in Yap, Micronesia


From drop-offs to gentle slopes, from channel drifts to the protected confines of the harbour, Yap offers a whole range of diving experiences. Most dive sites in Yap are less than 30 minutes from Colonia Harbour.

Yap is almost completely encircled by a fringing reef providing a backdrop for some of the most colourful and diverse marine and coral life to be found in Micronesia.

Travel to Yap

Situated in the Western Caroline Islands between Guam and Palau this lush tropical island is just 9 degrees north of the equator. Yap is one of the most intriguing and traditional islands in Micronesia.

The people of Yap are warm, shy and proud of their culture, ancient traditions and fascinating legends. Yap is known as the “Land of Stone Money”, due to the ancient currency of huge disks of stone. The huge coins, some over 12 feet (3.5 meters) in diameter, are still used today in local and traditional customs. Dance is an art form on Yap through which legends are passed down through this form of entertainment.

The town of Colonia on Yap Proper is the capital and is slightly more urbanised than the village areas. The landscape consists of rolling hills and thick jungle like vegetation.

The coastal areas are mostly mangrove, with occasional coral beaches and coral reef. Snorkelling and diving are popular in the crystal clear waters, where giant manta rays are known to school all year round.