Dive in Fyn

Diving in Fyn

Fyn is one of the best places in the world when it comes to beach diving. No matter where from which direction the wind blows, you can always find a dive spot if you’re standing in the middle. The beach dives done in the north of Fyn is not that deep, if you swim out for 20 minutes you will reach around 12 meters depth.

When you go to the west of Fyn you will find The small belt, also known as Lillebælt, The name indicates it’s a small passage so you have to be aware of the strong currents when tides are rising and falling. The currents in this area has created some beautiful walls which are covered in soft coral, which again has created all the marine life you will find here. Deep dives can be made down to max. 30 meters but remember your torch as light disappears around 20 meters.

If you go east of Fyn you will find That Storebælt has equally amount of current and offers big diversity in it’s dive sites from big kelp forests in the north to big marine life diversity in the south.

When you go south of Fyn, you will find the South Island Sea. And this is probably what you, as a beach diver will like the most. Many small islands that, offers a lot of exploration and tranquility.

You can find some nice wrecks also if you find the right dive center, which has the right coordinates.


Travel to Fyn

When on Fyn, you’re never really far away from a diving opportunity. If you bring all of your own equipment the easiest thing to do is to rent a car and then go to the north, south, east or west coast and follow it all the way around to the southeastern tip of Fyn that will take you to Langeland. It will present a lot of diving possibilities that is easily accessed from the beach. But be aware of some strong currents at Fyn’s east & west coast in the small and big belts.

If your traveling without your own equipment you will need to find a rare dive center along the coast that will take you out. The dive centers of Fyn are mainly in the middle of the island, which logically makes it the shortest way to all dive sites around the relatively small island.

If you are on a budget or don’t like to drive a car, Fyn has poor bus connections one bus every hour. So I would definitely rent a car for a weekend or stay close to the Dive center in Odense so they can bring you on their daily & weekend trips.

The Scenery of Fyn is beautiful and going on the roads along the coast will present a lot of huge green Forest’s, and big flat fields of different crops it will show a very green island that is populated with pleasant people who normally have a very strong dialect.

Fyn has some really nice coasts all the way around it and is also subject to some very fine fly-fishing areas where 10folds of sea trout gets caught everyday in the allowed fishing season.

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