Dive in Herradura

Diving in Herradura

There are a few options for diving from Herradura; in Herradura Bay or a day trip out to Tortuga Island.  Whatever trip you choose, you're sure to encounter some great diving.

There are 5 dive sites within the bay ranging from 12-28 metres and visibility stays at between 10 and 30 metres in the dry season which is December until April.  Dive sites in the bay are only 10 minutes boat ride from the shore.

The area is volcanic so striking rock formations make up the underwater landscape. There are various species of hard and soft corals, sea life includes reef sharks, eels, lobster, nudibranchs, star fish, lots of fish and maybe an octopus or sea horse!  You might even see a dolphin or whale on the trip out to the site or giant mantas on your dive from January until September.

Beginners can enjoy the site Middle Reef.  Advanced divers can go deep at The Garden and look out for reef sharks.  The Garden is a pretty site that looks just like a garden or the best spot in the area is The Island where sharks and giant mantas frequent in the right season.

There's some great diving for you to enjoy in Herradura Bay, so get your camera ready!

(By Kelly Luckman)

Travel to Herradura

Settled on the Pacific Coast and surrounded by lush mountains, Playa Herradura is a wonderful place to relax in the sun and enjoy your holiday.  It's becoming a popular tourist destination but is still less busy than the neighbouring city of Jaco.  

Herradura is only an hour from San Jose airport and easily reached by car or bus along the new highway.  The Los Sueños Marina and Resort has turned this little town into a luxury resort destination but there are still small apartments on the bay for around $60 a night.

You can visit the nearby national park and take a canopy tour through the trees.  Fishing enthusiasts will love the range of game fising boats and captains available for their perfect day out on the water to catch the largest of game fish such as dorado, yellowfin tuna and sailfish. Herradura is home to the largest fleet of game fishing vessels in the country.

Try your hand at a game of golf or go shopping at the local galleries for rare and unusual local indigenous art and take home a wonderful traditional piece.  Diving and snorkelling is popular in the area or take a day trip out to Tortuga Island to relax on the gorgeous beach.

There some great activities here to keep you occupied, or keep you relaxed; whatever you're looking for on your perfect vacation to Herradura.

(By Kelly Luckman)

  • Guapinol Sea Fan

    Guapinol Sea Fan
  • Hawksbill Turtle

    Hawksbill Turtle
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    Ambient Isla Herradura
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    lettce Nudibranch
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    Under Water Love
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    Giant Manta Ray
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    Red Eyed Barnacle Blenny
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    Guapinol Snail
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    Porcupine Family