Dive in Islas Murciélagos (Bat Islands)

Diving in Islas Murciélagos (Bat Islands)

The Bat Islands are located 45km north west of Playas del Coco, about an hour by boat but definately worth the effort.  Day trips are available from May until the end of September and only for experienced divers due stong currents and rough conditions.  There are three amazing sites out here, with depths ranging from 18-35 metres and visibility of 30 metres.

Don't be surprised if you see whales and schools of dolphins following the boat on the way out there.  On the dive you might encounter big fish like the Mahi Mahi, sailfish or Wahoo, schools of tuna and snapper, eagle and manta rays, turtles and the incredible Bull Shark.

The most common sites to visit are Bajo Negro, a pinnacle covered in sponges and coral with massive schools of fish and maybe a manta ray cruising around.  The best site to see the Bull Sharks is Big Scare... I wonder why it's called that!  Get up close and personal with this impressive shark.  

It's really fabulous diving around the Bat Islands, you'll probably want to do a couple of trips out there.  Be sure to take your camera!

(By Kelly Luckman)

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    Diving at Bat Islands
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