Dive in Bogota

Travel to Bogota


Bogota is the capital of the country. The first inhabitants of Bogotá were the Muisca, and at present the city is the administrative, economic and political center of Colombia. It is also a cultural capital, offering sports, entertainment possibilities. The city has about 8 million citizens, and has become a region with a global presence. 

Also known as the savannah of Bogota, for being part of the plateau Cundiboyacense with a mountain formation located in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, is and will be a city legend, by their active participation in historical events.The city is located in the 4 place, among the largest cities in South America and the second, taking into account their quality of life

Best access to Bogota is via an international flight. Once in the city you can find all ranges of accomodation, from high end hotels to backpacker guesthouses.

In the city you can visit the Monserrate Sanctuary, located at 3,000m above sea level in the eastern hills of Santa Fe de Bogota, and overlooking the city. This is a place of pilgrimage. Don't miss the Barrio La Candelaria, the most traditional neighborhood of Bogota, with cobbled streets and colonial houses make up a most beautiful urban landscapes.  If you would like to visit some museum, you can check the National Museum of Colombia. And the Bolivar Square, is considered the heart of Bogota. Some of the attractions that surround it are: The Cathedral, and The Capitol.

There is many dive centers in the capital, where you can do your Open Water course or other courses. These courses are designed so you can take the course in Bogotá, instead of investing part of the time of your holidays carrying out the first two phases of the course: the theory and the practice in the pool. Then you can do the open water dives in your holiday destination.