Dive in Little Cayman

Travel to Little Cayman

Little Cayman, approximately 10miles long by 1 mile in width (average), with a permanent population of 160 or less.  Lying approximately 58 miles Northeast of Grand Cayman and 5 miles West of Cayman Brac.

Allegedly, Christopher Columbus first sighted Little Cayman along with Cayman Brac on May 10th 1503.  He named them “Las Tortugas” due to the numerous sea turtles found there.

Little Cayman is one of the last undeveloped islands in the Caribbean, but does boast having its own Airport. Getting to and from the island is simple enough, with regular flights and sea crossings from Grand Cayman. However, there may be some strict weight restrictions on baggage so check with the airline first. 

Being a small and relatively untouched island, you wont find the usual shopping malls or amusement parks here, but you will experience some wonderful wildlife below and above the waves. There is a visitor’s centre that will educate you on the importance of the wetlands and what birds / reptiles you can expect to see during your visit. Did you know Little Cayman has the red-footed booby? Apparently it’s the largest population found in the Caribbean. Other important species found on or around Little Cayman include the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle, lesser Caymans Iguana and the threatened West Indian Whistling Duck.

The diving and snorkeling around Little Cayman and especially in the Bloody Bay Marine Park is world-renowned.  With warm clear waters there will be something for everyone.

Little Cayman is like a small town with a tropical twist!

(by Mandy Newton)