Dive in Grand Cayman

Diving in Grand Cayman

The Cayman Island Department of Environment has been and is continuing to put in new Dive Site moorings.  It is their aim to get 365 recognized diving sites across the three islands that make up the Caymans. With so many options diving the same site twice is a thing of the past.


Did you know the Cayman Islands have the worlds second largest Barrier reef system? There are lots of great diving sites already on Grand Cayman. The North Wall with its sheer drop-off, the East End with sighting of Hammerheads!!


Not forgetting the recently purpose sunk wreck of the Kittiwake on the West, or the Doc Poulson Wreck… Oh and don’t forget to take in a visit to the world famous Sting Ray City! 

Getting to the Cayman Islands is getting easier, as there are many flights on offer.  However, if flying from Europe you may find you have to touch down in Miami or Nassau first before actually getting to your destination.


(By Mandy Newton) 

Paradise Pier

Travel to Grand Cayman

Paradise Pier

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands, sitting approximately 75miles Southwest of Little Cayman and 90miles Southwest of Cayman Brac. A charming little islands in the British West Indies

Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman hard and whilst that was in 2004, it has taken time for the island to get back on track.  But on track it now is.

There are many activities for you to get involved in above and below the waves.

Inland you can take in the history of the island, go to the botanical gardens or simply enjoy a relaxing drink at Rum Point. There are plenty of companies offering Island Tours, Mastic Trail walks and Safari’s.

Whilst partaking in these activities, keep an eye out for the critically endangered Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi).  There is a recovery program currently running for these reptiles and they can be seen at the Grand Cayman Nature Reserve.

Traditional local foods include; Turtle, Conch and Iguana, but you can also get a good steak should you wish.  There are many restaurants located in George Town (Islands Capitol) and along West Bay. Look out for the special “all you can eat” deals, as dining out can get expensive. Also expect to pay anything between $3 - $12 dollars for a bottle of beer.

The Islands may be small, but I doubt you want to be walking everywhere in the hot Caribbean sun.  Not a problem, there are many buses running along the popular routes, costing between $2 & $4 (CI).  For those who want your own method of transport there are plenty of Car Hire companies all looking for your business.

Grand Cayman may be well known for “Off Shore” bank accounts and “The Firm” movie, but there is so much more to see and do.  Give it a try, it might amaze you!

(By Mandy Newton)  

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